DIY Paper Bag Bunnies

Spring is upon us, and with Spring comes Easter! 🐰 This year I’m planning an Easter egg hunt for my boys and some of their friends, so in Carrie fashion I wanted to make cute Easter egg bags for them instead of the standard buckets. I initially found some bags online, but they were $14, each. 😳 I wasn’t about to spend that much on disposable bags, so I decided to make my own and spent about $5 for all of them! 😊

I had most of the materials on hand, but for the materials I didn’t, I purchased at Michaels.

Bag Materials:

White paper bags

Assortment of scrapbook paper

White card stock

Pink & black construction paper

A hole punch


Glue stick

Black pen

Bag Filler Materials:

Assortment of tissue paper


Now that you have all your materials gathered, let’s do this!

Step 1: Fold the top of the paper bag, about 3 inches.

Step 2: Cut two ears from the white card stock.

Tip: I did not use a template, I just eyed it. I made them about 8 inches long. You’ll lose some of the length when you glue them to the bag.

Step 3: Using the card stock ears as templates, cut two more ears out of the scrapbook paper. These are the inside of the ears.

Step 4: Cut about a half inch around the scrapbook paper ears. You want them to be smaller than the card stock.

Step 5: Glue the scrapbook pieces inside the card stock pieces.

Step 6: Using the hole punch and black construction paper, punch out two circles. These are the eyes. 👀 Also cut 6 VERY THIN strips from the black construction paper. These are the whiskers.

Step 7: Cut two small circles from the pink construction paper. About 1.5 inch diameter. These are the cheeks. Also cut out a small triangle for the nose using the same pink construction paper.

Step 8: Layout the face before gluing. Once you are happy everything in place, glue the face onto the bag. Then put glue on the bottom of the ears (right side up) and secure them to the backside of the bag. Clear as mud right? If not just look at the below picture. 😊

Step 9: Using the black pen, draw the mouth on and you’re done!

To make the bag filler just cut thin strips of the tissue paper and then take the strips and roll them in a ball using both hands.

Tip: Think of how you would roll a ball of cookie dough in your hands, but more gentle. You do not want to press hard, if you do the tissue paper won’t look right.

Well friends, that’s it for this post. I hope you found it inspiring for the upcoming holiday. If you decide to make them I would love for you to share them with me on Instagram @acarriedaffairdesigns Until next time. Xo

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  1. So cute. Thanks for sharing. We are doing an Easter egg hunt and brunch at our church this Easter. These would be cute for the kids.

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