A Carrie’d Affair Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The season of giving is upon us. Gift giving is my love language so I get extra excited about giving gifts to those I care about. But it is hard sometimes to find the right gift. Right? Right. So I put together a gift guide for the special women, kids, or families in your life. Sorry guys, I am not good at gifting to men. Ask my husband. 😂 Anyway…

Each photo in the look-books is linked. So if you like any of the items you see, simply click on the photo to be taken directly to the site.

I own all the products in this next category and I use them all. Daily.

One of my coworkers actually told me about the witch hazel. She swears by it so I decided to try it and it is now apart of my morning regime. It is seriously amazing!

Two years ago my husband’s parents bought our family a one year pass to our local Children’s Museum and honestly it is one of the best gifts we have ever gotten. It was the perfect gift for the family and it gave us lots of memories with the boys. I listed a few memberships/activities below that the whole family could enjoy.


The best things in life are free or made with love. Don’t you agree? My kids handmade Christmas ornaments are my favorite gifts of all time. So if you need some gift ideas and can’t spend a lot of money, these DIY gifts are for you.


Well friends, thats a wrap! Whew! This was three weeks in the making, but I’m glad I did it and hope you find it helpful for the upcoming holiday season.

Until next time. Xo

My Favorite Baking Accessories

Fall is here and that means I’m ramping up for baking season. I already have a few orders and I am so excited to create art in baked treat form.

I have been baking for a few years now and there are items that I swear by. Since I get a lot of questions about my baking utensils I use, I decided to share them all here. Clicking on the picture will take you directly to the site to purchase. 😉

Marble Pastry Slab

If you have been following along on my IG then this marble slab probably looks familiar. I literally use it to roll out all of my dough and use as a prop to photograph my baked treats.

Marble Rolling Pin

Of all the rolling pins I own this is my absolute favorite. I use it almost every time I bake something. The marble prevents he dough from sticking and it’s easy to clean.

Glass Heritage Jars

I keep all of my primary baking ingredients in these jars, except brown sugar. There are no seals on these jars, so I keep my brown sugar in one of my copper lid jars that has a seal.

Ruffled Pie Dish

If you’ve been following along with me then it’s no secret I love white. These pie dishes are classic and simple, just how I like it. I have baked dozens of pies in these as well as the individual sized ones and they have never chipped or discolored.

Simple White Cake Stand


All-Purpose Scoop

I love the simplicity and sturdiness of these scoops. These are the scoops in all my glass canisters.

Ruffled Individual Pie Dish
French Rolling Pin
Copper Lid Sealed Jar

These are the jars I keep items like brown sugar in because they have a seal. They are amazing and it fits right in with the copper trend I am seeing.

Flour Sack Tea Towels

After purchasing the first set of these I donated all of my other tea towels. They are so absorbent and clean very easily. Bonus, I use them as props in a lot of my baking photos.

Rectangle Cooling Rack
Round Cooling Rack

I LOVE this cooling rack. It’s great for photographing. Note, I would not recommend putting it in the dishwasher. Hand wash only.

Collapsible Funnel

This collapsible funnel is so versatile and has been used 100 times over. My husband liked it to, which is why I had to buy a second one. ☺️

Copper Measuring Cups
Copper Measuring Spoons
Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer

This is the ultimate baking accessory for an avid baker. I live by this thing. It was actually a gift to my hubby after graduating culinary school. However, I have taken it over.

Fall Pie Cutters
Fall Pie Cutters
Floral Pie Cutters
Winter Pie Cutters

Give me ALL THE PIE CUTTERS! I am not ashamed to say I use these every time I bake a pie. I know it is simple to use these to design pretty pies, but there is a lot of thought and art that goes with that. 


Pastry Brushes


Now you know all of my baking utensil secrets. I own all of these items and I swear by all of them. If you have any questions about any of the items please feel free to comment below.

Please note, all of these photos were taken directly from the site purchased from and are not mine.

Until next time. Xo

A Carrie’d Affair Fall Style Favorites

There is just something about Fall that gives me ALL THE FEELS. If peonies grew in the midwest during the Fall season, I would be totally content without the other seasons. ☺️

One of the reasons I love the Fall so much is the clothing. Mainly because I can hide my lack of gym time. 😂 But really, what’s not to love about oversized sweaters & booties?!?

I found a few items that I added to the #acarriedaffaircapsule this season that I am really loving. Don’t worry I let go of a few items too. I am still 100% strong on keeping my closet completely manageable. If you haven’t checked out the #acarriedaffaircapsule series you can check out part 1 HERE. There is also a part 2 HERE & part 3 HERE.

Currently I am OBSESSED with ruffles and velvet and oh man did my go-to places to shop deliver!! 😍 The best part, all my favs are work wear appropriate, but can easily be transitioned to a night on the town. Not that I would really know what that life is about, but if I did…

Please note, some of the items are no longer available, so I provided similar sources for those. 

Shirts & Blouses

Ruffled tops with wide legged pants, jeans, pencil skirts, mini skirts, etc. basically anything. No joke, I love my blue and white ruffle top so much that I wore it twice in one week to work. The blue and white ruffle top I have is no longer available, but I found one that looks identical and half the cost. Win, win! I linked it in the look book directly below along with other ruffled items I am currently obsessing over. 👇🏼


Give me all the boots, booties, & mules!

These Royale Flats have quickly become my favorite fall-inspired shoes! They are easy to slide on & go with just about anything.

Tip: If you buy these exact shoes, I would recommend sizing down 1/2 size as they will stretch.

I linked some other fall shoes I am currently loving.


If you have been following along with me on my Instagram @acarriedaffairdesigns then you’ll know that my favorite color is green. Emerald green to be exact. So when I found these green trousers on major sale at Old Navy for $20 I was sold. They are currently $15.97  and come in multiple colors.

oh hey again! Side note, I got bangs! I do this every few years then immediately regret it because they are high maintenance. However, I’ve been told I look younger, so maybe I don’t regret them now. 😂

Now let’s talk about these fringed hem jeans! I am loving them so much I bought two pairs. 😍 I am curvy and have a very hard time finding jeans that I feel great in and these jeans checked all the boxes! I have wore them several times in the month I’ve had them. Definitely my new favorite jeans!

P.S. how amazing is this copper rose velvet tank?!? J Crew is on point this season. Well, I am biased because I love everything J Crew. 😍 But this velvet tank is AHH-MAZZ-ING! I wore this outfit on date night a week ago. I also wore it with a pencil skirt and oversized sweater to the office. I got several compliments on the color.

Well that’s it friends! Hope you found some inspiration to spruce up your wardrobe this season. Happy Fall, Y’all!


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Creating an Organized Home Part Three – On-The-Go

Technically this isn’t organizing a space in your home, but it is to help stay organized outside the home. That counts, right?!? In part one I talked about ways to organize your kitchen and in part two we went over bathroom organization. If you want to catch up part one is HERE & part two is HERE. For this post I will be providing tips & tricks to stay organized on-the-go.

We all know that life is hectic. Whether you work in the home or outside the home. Between school pickup, doctor appointments, helping with homework, my marriage, a career, toddler, blogging, cooking, baking, grocery shopping, laundry, & countless other daily tasks it is super easy to forget about something. Ahhh!!! Just typing all this just gave me anxiety! However, I have learned over time how to stay organized-ish and saving a little money on the way. It’s hard and I am not saying the list I am about to provide is going to magically make you captain organized, but I can say using these items have helped me immensely, so I am sharing them with you.

Tip 1: Monthly Agenda

I’m an old soul at heart. I still believe in handwriting a letter or a to-do list. I actually absorb more when I write it out instead of type. I know I could note everything on my smart phone, but what if I drop my phone?! I have definitely done that, so I like to depend on old faithful, my agenda. I’ve been using Kate Spade agendas for several years now and even converted one of my coworkers to them.

They come in a variety of fun prints, but most importantly will keep the most unorganized of people (like me) organized each day. Bonus, they are 17-month agendas, starting in August of the current year so you get 5 extra months! I use my agenda for work and home so I always know what events are coming up and where I need to be.

Tip 2: Invest in a Travel Mug

I bleed coffee. One of my coworkers actually told me that a coffee mug is a staple in my hand every time she sees me in the office. I laughed when she said it, but it is absolutely true. I use to buy Starbucks EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. but that gets SUPER expensive. I’m not going to say I don’t buy Starbucks anymore, because that would be a lie, but I do buy it a lot less now that I have this adorable travel mug.

I’m not the best morning person. Actually, I’m probably the worst. 😉 So in the evening before I go to bed I set up the coffee maker for the next day. This way I can go downstairs, push the start button, and then go back up to get ready. That way when I’m ready to go out the door the coffee is ready.

Tip 3: Setting Alerts on my Phone

I know this contradicts number 1, but my agenda can’t alert me. So I write the details in my agenda and put a generic alert on my phone to notify me of whatever it is I need to do. I always set my alert two days in advance and then on the day, two hours before.

Tip 4: Checklists

This ties in to number one. The agenda has space to write things on each day. I make a checklist for the day. I am one of those people that gets the feeling of accomplishment when I make a check in a box. Sometimes I actually will write something down I have already done just to put a check mark next to it. I know, I’m a little cray, but it really does give me a sense of accomplishment.

I write each to-do item on a separate line along with a check box. I don’t know about you, but I always feel accomplished when I can check a box.

Tip 5: Invest in a Good Pen

I am left handed and the only (yes only) 😂 draw back to that is that I would always smear the ink when I would write. And with my OCD it would bother me. But the clouds parted when I found the fine tip sharpie pen! I LOVE these pens. I have them in a variety of colors and the ink has never smeared while using them. Ever. Yay!

Tip 6: Carry a Pencil Pouch

I’m pretty sure I bought this pencil pouch when I was in college. I still use it to hold my pens but also where I keep all my coupons. That way if I stop by the store I always have my coupons with me.

Tip 7: Have a Nightly Routine

I’m not much of a routine person, but to keep me sane in the morning, I have a routine. I gather all the things I need in the morning the night before. Such as:

Get my bag/briefcase ready for work
Setup the coffee the night before
Have my travel mug cleaned and next to the coffee maker
Layout my outfit
Put my car keys & jewelry next to my bag
Sign school papers (if any)
Gather items the boys need for school/daycare

Doing these things makes getting ready in the morning almost seamless. And believe me, I need all the help I can get in the morning. 😂

Now you know my secrets of how I attempt to juggle my busy life. Again, these are the things/ways that have helped me stay organized. I hope this list has inspired you in case you are like me and struggle with organization.

Well friends, that’s it for this post. Until next time. Xo

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