DIY Open Shelves 

I really do love our kitchen. I mean it was a labor of love. Check out my kitchen makeover post to see the transformation for yourself. However, I LOVE to bake and have a ton of canisters that are too bulky to fit into our cabinets. Since almost all the wall space is covered with cabinets, I decided to take one of them out and when I say “I” I really mean my amazing father-in-law. I did the rest though! Promise. 😊

After the cabinet was down, I measured the wall and decided to go with three 45x10x2 shelves. The wall measures almost 49 inches across so that left me about 4 inches of wiggle room.

Once I had my measurements I was off to Lowe’s. This nice gentleman cut my wood for me and didn’t charge me for the extra cuts! So nice. The wood plank cost under $13 too. Score!

I also purchased Early American wood finish from Miniwax for $5 at Lowe’s. I wanted the reclaimed look without paying for actual reclaimed. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference after staining. I just used a cheap sponge brush to apply the stain. I applied one thin coat and let the stain sit for less than 30 seconds and immediately wiped it off using an old towel. See, isn’t it pretty. 😍

While the stain dried I tackled sparkling, sanding, and painting the wall where the cabinet use to be. I had the paint on hand since I ALWAYS make sure to have extra paint in case of touch ups or when I decide to rip a cabinet off the wall. 😂 The paint color is Gallery White from Behr. That’s what my entire kitchen is in. I think I accidentally said Pure White in my kitchen remodel post. Oops! Sorry.

I purchased these 6 shelf brackets from Lowe’s. They actually aren’t shelf brackets. They are corner brackets. Used to build a house, so I figured they could hold my shelves too. 😊 They are super sturdy, but there are several holes and I wasn’t about to put that many holes in my wall and I didn’t want the holes to be visible so I got creative and filled the extra holes with sparkle using a putty knife. It’s not completely unnoticeable, but it works for me! After the sparkle was dry, I painted the brackets Flat Black using Rustoleum spray paint. I already had the spray paint, but you can purchase it from Lowe’s as well.

After everything was dry (I let everything dry overnight) I marked where I wanted the shelves to be. The total wall space i had to work with is 49 inches (really 56.25 but my light switched are 7 inches up so I lost those 7 inches). I also measured my biggest canister, which is 11 inches tall so I knew there had to be at least 11 inches of space between the shelves + account for the thickness of the wood plank (2 inches). So to make the space between the shelves even I had to space them out 14 inches. I really wanted 16 inches, but what’s a girl to do?! 🤔 Even though the brackets are sturdy, I still used 50lb metal anchors that I purchased from Lowe’s for $6. The wood alone is heavy so I didn’t want to chance it.

Once all the brackets were secured I put the shelves up and started to decorate (my favorite part). What do you think?

In case you are wondering, I purchased all the canisters, copper lid jars, pie pans, & all the rolling pins at Crate & Barrel. My favorite place to shop! I purchased the spice jars at Hobby Lobby. They were 50% off so I got all of them for $12. The white crate was $5 at Michaels. The tall jar with the wooden lid is Kate Spade from Nordstroms. I found the sifter at an antique shop for $3. The berry crates & white pitcher are from Home Goods& the mini muffin pan was my grandmothers. 😊

I also changed out the standard white light switch plates for white bead board plates that I found at Lowe’s when I was getting the wood.

The total cost for the shelf supplies was under $55, which is far less if I purchased them at a store. I wish I could say that about every on the shelves! However, I am so happy with the way they turned out. Now all my baking items are in one place and that makes me super happy! P.S. I ended up putting only two shelves up. I realized I didn’t want items up that high, I mean I am 5’2. 😂😂

Well that’s it friends! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Until next time. Xoxo

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  1. LOL, I was just going to comment and ask about the wood type. I hope hope I can find Poplar at my Lowes!! Your shelves look great!

  2. Thanks for all the info Carrie! It’s very helpful. My daughter is doing open shelves in her kitchen too, but she has subway tile up the wall. Do you think the brackets can go right into the tiles?

    1. Absolutely! I actually added shelving to the tiled wall in our laundry room makeover. The how-to and tools you need are on that post. Just search for laundry room. Hope that helps and good luck!

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