Homemade Marshmallows Recipe

When I made my first batch of homemade marshmallows last winter, everyone went crazy for them. I have never been a big fan of marshmallows, but I am a huge fan of hot cocoa and topping it with homemade marshmallows is the best way to drink hot cocoa. In my opinion of course. 😬 If you are a marshmallow fan and haven’t had homemade marshmallows then you are missing out! They are so fluffy {insert Agnes voice from Despicable Me}. And my oldest son loves them and he is a tough critic. 😂

This recipe may sound intimidating, but homemade marshmallows are actually super simple to make. Messy, but simple.


1.5 cups of granulated sugar
3 (1 oz) packets of unflavored gelatin
1 cup of cold water (divided)
1/4 tsp salt
1.5 tsp of peppermint extract
1 cup of light corn syrup
Non-stick baking spray
Powdered sugar for dusting

I don’t ever measure the powdered sugar. I just use enough to dust the pan after applying the baking spray and then enough to dust the marshmallows to set and then again before cutting.

Baking tools

Electric mixer
Medium sized sauce pan
1 – 12×18 cookie sheet
Wooden spoon
Rubber spatula
Measuring cups
Cutting board
Cookie cutters (optional)
Food coloring pens (optional)
Royal Icing (optional)

Step 1: Pour the unflavored gelatin and 1/2 cup of the cold water into a small ramekin.  You’ll use the other 1/2 cup of water for the sugar mix. Set aside and allow the unflavored gelatin to bloom while you heart the sugar mix.

Tip: Make sure the gelatin is mixed in with the water well. If not the gelatin will clump up and get rock hard.

Step 2: Spray the cookie sheet with the non-stick baking spray. Then dust the bottom and sides of the cookie sheet with powdered sugar.

Step 3: Add the other 1/2 cup of water, granulated sugar, salt, and light corn syrup to a medium-sized sauce pan, then turn the burner on medium heat. Stir the contents intermittently until the sugar mix is dissolved. Should take about 5-10 minutes.

Step 4: Using a rubber spatula, pour the gelatin mix into the electric mixer. Then slowly add the sugar mix with the mixer on medium speed. After the sugar mix has been added, add your choice of extract (I used peppermint) then turn the mixer on high and beat until stiff peaks form. This will take about 15 – 20 minutes.

Step 5: Pour the marshmallow mix onto the cookie sheet and spread evenly using the rubber spatula.

Step 6: Dust the top of the marshmallows with powdered sugar and let them set over night.

Step 7: Once the marshmallows are set, dust the top of the marshmallows and the top of your cutting board. At this point you can cut the marshmallows into squares or use cookie cutters.

For the cookie cutters, I used a mini gingerbread man, star, and a donut cutter (only using the center hole) for the snowman face. My donut cutter looks like the one in the photo below.

Step 8: Using a knife (for squares) or cookie cutters, cutout all the marshmallows directly from the cookie sheet ,  then dust all the marshmallows (sides, tops, bottoms) with powdered sugar.

Tip: The powdered sugar will prevent the marshmallows from sticking to one another, which is why I dust them so much.

Step 9: If you chose to cut squares, you’re done! Enjoy with a nice cup of hot cocoa.

If you want to use cookie cutters along with decorating the marshmallows continue following the directions.

Step 10: Make a batch of royal Icing. CLICK HERE for my recipe. I did switch out the extract I used in my original royal icing recipe for peppermint extract to make the marshmallows extra peppermint-y. 🤗

Since I made gingerbread men and snowmen, I used orange and brown food coloring. I also used red & black Wilton food coloring pens. Honestly, I would have just used food coloring pens for everything, but I couldn’t find any orange or brown pens, so I went to plan B with the royal Icing. 😊

Step 11: Decorate the marshmallows then allow the icing and food coloring to dry completely (about 1 hour). Once the icing is dry to the touch, serve on top of hot cocoa and enjoy! I got the idea to make the snowman face from Williams-Sonoma. Aren’t they so cute? ⛄️

Well friends, that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it! I would love to know what you think! Leave a comment below or message me on Instagram. My handle is @acarriedaffairdesigns

Until next time. Xo

A Carrie’d Affair Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The season of giving is upon us. Gift giving is my love language so I get extra excited about giving gifts to those I care about. But it is hard sometimes to find the right gift. Right? Right. So I put together a gift guide for the special women, kids, or families in your life. Sorry guys, I am not good at gifting to men. Ask my husband. 😂 Anyway…

Each photo in the look-books is linked. So if you like any of the items you see, simply click on the photo to be taken directly to the site.

I own all the products in this next category and I use them all. Daily.

One of my coworkers actually told me about the witch hazel. She swears by it so I decided to try it and it is now apart of my morning regime. It is seriously amazing!

Two years ago my husband’s parents bought our family a one year pass to our local Children’s Museum and honestly it is one of the best gifts we have ever gotten. It was the perfect gift for the family and it gave us lots of memories with the boys. I listed a few memberships/activities below that the whole family could enjoy.


The best things in life are free or made with love. Don’t you agree? My kids handmade Christmas ornaments are my favorite gifts of all time. So if you need some gift ideas and can’t spend a lot of money, these DIY gifts are for you.


Well friends, thats a wrap! Whew! This was three weeks in the making, but I’m glad I did it and hope you find it helpful for the upcoming holiday season.

Until next time. Xo

DIY Cedar Chandelier

I was blown away with the response I got on my DIY cedar chandeliers I made as part of our Christmas decor this year so I decided to write up a tutorial. It was super quick! Like 15 minutes quick. Bonus, your home will smell like fresh cedar. 😍 We have three pine trees in our sitting room and with all the fresh cedar in our dining room, (the rooms are connected) our downstairs literally smells like a forest.🌲

Now the details. I made a total of four cedar Chandeliers to hang above our dining room table. Two 8” and two 12”. In this tutorial I am show my you how to make an 8” chandelier, but the instructions below applies to all sizes. You’ll just need more cedar branches and a longer piece of floral wire for the bigger size.


Embroidery hoop
Floral wire
Clip on candle holders
Christmas tree candles
Staple gun (to hang from the ceiling)

Step 1: Clip all your greenery. I used full branches of cedar about 14” long and clipped a few single pieces for fillers. For the 8” hoop you’ll need 2-3 branches and for the bigger hoop you’ll need 4-5 branches.

Step 2: Cut one piece of floral wire about 6’ long for the small hoop or 8’ long for the bigger hoop.

Step 3: Lay the hoop on a flat surface and place one of the branches along the hoop.

Tip: Cedar can easily be bent, but you have to be gentle while bending so it doesn’t snap the branch.

Step 4: Wrap the wire around the end of the branch, making a circle, then twist the wire to secure the end of the branch to the hoop. Similar to twisting a bread tie. See below.

Step 5: Continue to wrap the wire up the branch, weaving the wire in between the cedar while adding more cedar as you continue to wrap the floral wire.

Tip: Weaving the wire between the cedar will minimize the appearance of the floral wire as well as give you the draping look.

Step 6: When you have all the cedar secured to the hoop cut any excess wire and tuck the end of the floral wire under the cedar.

Step 7: Cut three pieces of twine to the desired length. I cut different lengths for each chandelier.

Step 8: Space the three pieces of twine making a triangle shape, then double knot the twine.

Step 9: Lifting the chandelier, make sure it is level. Once you have the chandelier level, tie the three pieces of twine together then cut any excess twine.

Step 10: Clip the candle holders to the chandelier, add a candle to each holder and hang the chandelier using a staple gun. You can also use a hook. CLICK HERE for details on the candle holders and CLICK HERE for details on the candles.

Aren’t they pretty? I am so in love with them.

Well friends, that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I would love to know what you think. Please tag me on Instagram @acarriedaffairdesigns if you decide to make this. I would love to know! If you have any questions, please comment below or DM me on Instagram.

Until next time. Xo

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Homemade Christmas Ornaments

My sweet friend Kristy @creepingfigcottage (on Instagram) made these homemade ornaments and when I saw them I gasped! They were simple yet beautiful. So with her permission I asked if I could put her recipe on my blog for all of you.

If you have been following along on my Instagram then you probably know that I have talked about having a simple Christmas and these ornaments are simply perfect. Don’t you agree? 😍

So if you are looking for a fun and inexpensive holiday activity for the family then this is it my friends! I literally had everything on hand which means I spent zero dollars! 😱

Items Needed

1 cup of baking soda
1/2 cup of cornstarch
3/4 cup of water

Step 1: Add all the ingredients to a medium sized sauce pan and turn the burner to medium heat.

Step 2: Stir for a few minutes until you have a mashed potato like consistency. It took mine about 4 minutes to thicken.

Step 3: Pour the mix into a mixing bowl and cover with Sarah wrap or aluminum foil. Allow the mixture to cool completely. It took mine about 15-20 minutes to coo

Step 4: sprinkle some cornstarch on a cutting board and on the rolling pin you plan to use, then roll out the mix.

Tip: I sprinkled a little cornstarch on top of the mix as well because the dough was a little sticky.

Step 5: Cut out the ornaments using cookie cutters of your choice. I used a few different types. Then puncture a hole near the top. I used a shish kabob, like Kristy has suggested.

Step 6: Lay the ornaments on a cookie sheet and bake them for 1 hour at 175 degrees. Allow the ornaments to cool then use string or baking twine to hang.

That’s it! Definitely a simple and fun activity for the family.

I hope you enjoyed this post! A big thank you to Kristy @creepingfigcottage for sharing her recipe so I could share it with all of you.

Until next time. Xo

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